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The perfect cap

Simple, safe, fast: that's how the spacer frame is filled when using CERA products. The manufacture of our corners and sleeves is precisely matched to the various spacers and probes. This allows a precise dose of gas to be filled via the special sleeve or a corner key.

To ensure that the seal really remains sealed, we keep a close eye on the details during production of our corners and sleeves. And match our corners and sleeves precisely to the various spacers and probes. Naturally, efficiency and safety are - for us and our customers - the highest priority here too.

An overview of the benefits of CERA® corners and sleeves:

  • We supply gas fill corners with and without drill hole for frames made using corner keys. The CERA® sleeve ensures a precisely matched groove for an exact snap-fit into the profile frame.
  • Safe and fast: filling with gas via and special corner key or sleeves is highly precise thanks to the unique CERA® cap
  • Whether sleeve or corner key: an absolutely secure closure with a corresponding predetermined breaking point ensures a perfectly clean seal.

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