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strong grip – flexible bending – high stability

A CERA® plastic connector offers you clear and decisive benefits: flexible bending, strong grip and long durability. This is how we guarantee the reliable fabrication of spacer frames.

We supply U-connectors and P-connectors in all sizes and all have a large internal cross section for rapid and safe filling of the frames with desiccant. Assembly is simple and load bearing capacity is high. CERA® connectors can be flexibly shaped while simultaneously maintaining the highest stability. They can be used with all makes of bending machine, both pre-assembled and for the purpose of securing the frame securely and rapidly.

Completely reliable, completely sealed: our product quality is based on a system

  • Stability
    U-connectors made of high-tensile plastic for all spacer frames: the large
    internal cross section ensures optimum filling with desiccant
  • Safety
    P-connectors for extra safety: the passage provides an additional
    seal for the rear of the profile
  • Seal
    CERA Fusion: Sealing application for optimum and tight processing ease.

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