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Product development


Nothing's impossible: this is our motto in terms of product development. We know that our products are already highly successful on the international market and that they exceed expectations with the greatest level of reliability. To ensure that this remains the case, we invest in know how and advanced developments. Sustainable innovations are the basis of our success, because we develop the appropriate tools and moulds for a new product idea in-house.

The highest standards of quality are ensured by automatic injection moulding machines made by ARBURG

CERA is well acquainted with the properties and applications of special plastics. Our many years of experience form the basis for our innovations. We bring together sound professional knowledge and pleasure in tackling new challenges with the best technical production prerequisites and state-of-the-art software. Astonishingly little time passes between the initial idea and the successful market launch of our solutions.

To ensure that good ideas and dedication are also implemented in the best possible way, we work with cutting-edge technology. Our automatic injection moulding machines made by leading manufacturer ARBURG guarantee the highest standards of quality.

We have been awarded the globally prestigious iF product design award for our high degree of innovation.